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Walnuts Australia

Contact Name: Caroline Deane
Phone: +61 2 6951 3007
Address: 349 Forth Road
Devonport TAS 7310 Australia
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Export Markets

Our premium quality walnuts will find their way on to tables in countries where we have initiated buyer interest, namely Germany, Italy, Turkey and China as well as domestic sales.

Company Profile

As the only large-scale commercial producer of quality walnuts in Australia, Walnuts Australia has an exciting export and import substitution opportunity.

The business represents many years of dedicated research, planning and hard work since 1988, when the concept of a walnut industry in Australia was envisaged.

Walnuts Australia manages 620 hectares of walnut orchards in Tasmania and 1,615 hectares in the Riverina, N.S.W. In total, this orchard area represents over 700,000 trees. When mature these orchards will produce over 11,000 tonnes of in-shell walnuts.

Walnuts Australia has adopted the latest growing techniques and varieties from California and France, the recognised world leaders in walnut production.

In Tasmania, these techniques, combined with the cool temperate climate and a longer growing season, help to create a high quality, premium walnut. Our Riverina based development, situated in a warmer climate, will produce a walnut which will mirror the Californian style walnut.

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