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Nora's Plantation Foods Ltd - Australia

Contact Name: Mona Karene
Phone: +61 4 1889 9503
Address: 79 Lilley Street
Hendra QLD 4011 Australia
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United Arab Emirates

Company Profile

Nora's Plantation Foods Ltd - Australia is a registered and operated Australian branch of Nora's PFL (Samoa). Nora's Australia facilitates the company online store to global customers and manufactures the Nonu and Tropical Fruit Juice in a HACCP approved and secure factory in Brisbane, Australia.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is also available in bulk.

Contact Lisa by email for all queries: lisa.karene@noraspfl.com

Fruit & Vegetable Juices
Noni & Tropical Fruit Juice

Australian-made Noni with Tropical Fruit Juice for convenient daily dosage of Noni. This is a premium product and not your average juice due to the Noni, that comes in an attractive 6-pack of (6) 250ml bottles which can be sold in its box or individually. Using Samoan Noni in a tastier form for those that believe in the traditional healing properties of the Noni but do not like the taste of 100% Noni. This product is for those of us that want to drink our Noni daily dosage in a more palatable drink. Ideal as individual 250ml for health drink machine at gymnasiums, airports, offices or hospitals. The 6-Pack cartons are perfect for the high end gourmet food halls, Hotels, cruise ships and airline catering. The product can be packaged in the Customer's own carton specification. The tropical juices are from Australia and New Zealand. Shelf life of 2 years.

Nutritional Products
100% Noni Juice

Fermented yellow noni fruits to produce 100% noni juice. Send your specification now so that we can help you.

Vegetable Oils
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Made from the lush fresh coconut meat from Samoa, our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can be shipped in Container-loads of either 20L pails or 1,000 ltrs boxes. Ideal for the restaurant, gourmet packaged oils, skin care, hair and cosmetics markets. Product can be packaged to Customer's specification or delivered in bulk. Available from March 2016, contact Lisa for more information.

Vegetable Products - Other
Cocoa or Cacao Solids Liquor Paste

Samoan Koko Cubes is ground cacao beans and the beginning of making 70% or darker chocolate. Made from the best cacao trees of Samoa, the beans are fermented, naturally dried, lightly roasted, winnowed and ground to a paste (cocoa solid). The 24gram cube shape makes it easier for the chefs/pattiserie and bakers to use in baking or making hot chocolate at the 5 star Hotels, top class restaurants, quality baked cakes and sweets. These will also appeal to hot or cold cocoa beverage makers. Shelf life 2 years. Each packet (96gram) holds 4 x 24gram cocoa solid cubes. Can be packaged in bulk cartons or in Customer's own label. Palletised 20ft Container holds 60,480 packets; 40ft holds 133,056 packets.

Cocoa or Cacao Roasted Nibs

The beginning of making 70% or darker chocolate but with a demand for healthier products, the cacao Nibs can be eaten as a snack or added to foods and drinks. Our lightly roasted cacao nibs are tasty! Hand-winnowed for the consumer to get 100% Nib, this is versatile and suitable for the luxury gourmet market and for those that like healthy foods to be tasty. Beautiful in smoothies, these cacao nibs can also be chocolated-coated for the upper end of high and low teas. Suitable for the 5-star Hotel chains, artisan bakers, health stores, airline catering, cruise ship foods. Comes in a convenient luxurious packaging for 100grams. Can be packaged in customer's own label if desired. Ambient storage. Palletised 20ft Container will hold 32,400 packets or 40ft container will hold 71,280 packets.

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