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Al-Ghani International Trading

Contact Name: Samreen Rahman
Phone: +61 4 0183 9189
Address: PO BOX 186
FORRESTFIELD WA 6058 Australia
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Export Markets

Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India

Company Profile

We export below products:

•Milk Powders - (Skim milk powder, whole milk powder, instant, fortified, filled, butter milk powder, milk protein concentrate, infant formula, whey protein concentrate).

•Butter - Salted butter, unsalted butter

•Cheeses - Cheddar, mozzarella, processed cheese, gouda, edam, cream cheese, camembert, brie, swiss, romano, havarti, parmesan.

•Creams - Frozen Cream, long life whipping cream, extended shelf life sour cream, ice cream.

•Liquid milks – UHT, extended shelf life milk, sweetened condensed milk, sweetened condensed milk in cans, evaporated milk.

•Nuts - Macadamia, Pecans, Almonds, Walnuts

•Health and Nutritional products – body building and muscle repair shakes, weight loss

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